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Life presents us with several situations or events that are unpredictable. Life Insurance is a safety cushion for the family and more specifically for your beneficiaries indicated in the contract. It is a financial protection that will help your loved ones to find a peaceful future. There are several types


life insurance



Term life insurance offers a protection that is both limited in time and a budget sensitive approach, in the event of a premature death. It is wise to harmonize this kind of protection with your financial vulnerabilities and responsibilities that will disappear or lower during the passage of time, like a mortgage, debts, your standard of living with the children, scholarship or tuition fees, etc.).

You can purchase term life insurance for a fixed period of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years that will protect you and your loved ones up until you reach the age of 80. When your insurance terminates at the chosen term, you will be able to renew the contract without medical examinations or convert it in part or entirely into a permanent insurance.


Consider that depending on your age and your health, the cost of insurance can increase, so it is always better to take an insurance contract in the present moment or as young as possible.
Term insurance can cover your loved ones against several important elements related to your finances and according to your priorities, such as:

  • a mortgage loan / credit card debt / personal loan (car, study, etc.)

  • important medical expenses for a sick child and his university studies

  • the budget for groceries, clothing and family activities / contingencies, etc.

Permanent life insurance offers a financial protection to your beneficiaries during your entire life, even if you live past 100! It is normally reserved for financial issues that will exceed a lifespan of 80 years. That is why it is better to harmonize this kind of protection with the financial projects that will accompany you way past your retirement.

  • Highest return to investment ratio in the long run;

  • Fixed and guaranteed cost;

  • Choose from many payment terms (10 years, 15 years, 20 years or until age 65 or 100), after which your coverage will be fully paid and you will remain insured for the rest of your life without paying anymore.

It's a protection (or an investment) that can cover some or all of the following financial priorities:

  • Your last legal and funeral expenses (burial expenses, notary fees, executor's salary or wage);

  • An amount to give respite to your spouse during the years that follow your death so she or he can adjust to living without your financial contribution;

  • Cover all unpaid taxes associated with your valuable assets, such as your business, your cottage, your farm, your building, your investments, etc .;

  • Instantly create an inheritance for your loved ones

  • No matter the coverage or the amoutnt, it is always tax free.







This is a subtype of permanent insurance, so everything you read for permanent life insurance (see above) applies. 

Also called Whole life insurance, the particularity of this contract is the guaranteed cash surrender value, that is to say, an amount that grows with time on its own and that you can use in different ways:

  • Borrow up to 90% of the available amount without a credit check:

    • The repayment is made at an interest rate of 8% (annual);

    • The amount borrowed reduces the coverage of your policy until the full amount of the credit is repaid;

  • Demand 100% of the cash surrender value to be deposited in your bank account;

    • the contract will be terminated at the same time.

This is a subtype of permanent insurance, so everything you read for permanent life insurance (see above) applies. 


The special feature of this contract is that it includes a deposit account that is attached to your insurance contract. It can be used for:

  • Tax-advantaged savings;

  • Get returns on your investment;

  • Pay your contract with the savings invested in case of health or financial problems, without requiring your intervention;

  • Combine the protection capital with your savings, making this an ideal and limitless solution to transfer your liquid assets to your heirs tax-free;

    • Preferably, but not necessarily, choose this insurance only if you have reached the maximum contributions to your TFSA.

This is a subtype of permanent insurance and whole life insurance (combined) so everything you read for permanent life insurance (see above) and entire life insurance applies.


The particularity of this contract is that it includes participative (unsecured) values that are attached to your insurance contract. It can be used for:

  • Offer you the opportunity to increase the value of your protective capital over time without injecting more money;

  • Use your unsecured dividends for:

  1. significant savings potential;

  2. get a cash surrender value;

  3. reduce your annual cost;

  4. increase your insurance amount;

  5. release your insurance before term;

  6. offer a financial base to your loved ones;

  7. finance the growth of your business;

  8. increase your retirement income;

  9. counter the effect of inflation on your death benefit

assurance en ligne
assurance en ligne

Is this suitable for me?

This is not an army march but we will be in hilly terrain. It is aimed at those wanting to gain more confidence in the hills. For Silver, you must be proficient in the above Bronze skills but you don't need to hold a Bronze Award. I will always try and accommodate everyone but if unsure please drop me an email.

What do I need to bring?

Please see the recommended kit list here (ignore the additional extras for wilderness backpacking as we won't be doing that!). You will need your own compass (Silva Expedition 4 recommended) and map case (Ortleib is recommended). We'll be using OL19 "Howgill Fells and Upper Eden Valley" Ordinance Survey maps and it is expected that you will have your own at this level. However, I am able to provide maps.

Where do we meet?

We meet at the Fat Lamb Inn in Ravenstonedale near Kirkby Stephen. It is easily accessible from Sedbergh, the M6, A65 and A66. For the course running on 15/16th May ONLY: We meet at Square Corner near Osmotherley on the North York Moors National Park.

I'm coming from further afield, where can I stay nearby?

This is up to you depending on your budget. However there are nearby campsites, youth hostels, hotels and B&Bs around Ravenstonedale, Sedbergh and Kirkby Stephen. If you are booking onto the course running on 15/16th May 2021, there are places to stay around Osmotherley and nearby Thirsk and Northallerton.

What's not included?

Accommodation (if applicable), Food, Personal Insurance, Personal equipment, Transport

How much is the course and how do I book?

The course costs £150 per person for the two days tuition and the assessment (and certificate if you pass). To book please see the dates below the FAQs, click on the one you are interested in and follow the instructions. Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions. Including the cancellation policy

I can't make the dates you are offering but I want to do the course

That's no problem - Just get in touch with me and I'll see what dates you are free and whether I am too. Please also see the Bespoke Courses page or just get in touch.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Please see the Terms and Conditions section by clicking the link. You can also see the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

I've got some more general questions...

Please see the General FAQ section by clicking the link here. If you've still got questions then please get in touch!

Can you run the course privately for my group?

Absolutely - please see the Bespoke Courses page or get in touch to discuss.

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